VOICE recap: Adam Levine and Shakira pit performers against each other for sudden-death cuts

Two straight nights of Knockout rounds, Voice Viewers – that's what we're looking at this week before the live rounds begin.

Knockout rounds happened Monday night for Team Adam and Team Shakira.

I'm going to start tonight a little bit out of order. In the third knockout round of the night, Adam pitted Amy Whitcomb against KU student Caroline Glaser.

Glaser felt a little out of her element, performing "Little Talks" after Whitcomb belted "House of the Rising Sun."

And have I just missed Amy this season? She's just another powerhouse on Adam's team, choosing songs that showcase her voice perfectly.

Glaser's song fit her voice well, thought felt forced at times. While neither was amazing, Glaser was consistent and that was enough to move her on to the live shows, while friend  Whitcomb was sent home.

Now, we'll go back to the beginning where the night started with Adam pairing a fan favorite – Midas Whale – against an up-and-comer on his team – Amber Carrington.

Amber Carrington performed "I'm With You" with passion. She connected the song with her mother's death during her pre-performance interview and that passion came out in the song.

Midas Whale brought a unique sound to "Higher Ground," but it seemed like the song got a bit lost with the pair's attempt to bring the "Midas Whale touch."

Amber Carrington was declared the winner and became Adam's first representative to the live shows.

Team Shakira's first pairing for the knockout round was between Garrett Gardner and Tawnya Reynolds.

The two guitar-wielding artists, singing "Too Close" and "Hell on Heels" respectively, had the crowd sucked into their performances. Tawnya was as sassy as Shakira wanted her to be, and Garrett really rocked out with the crowd.

I would have called Tawnya the winner, but understand what drove Shakira to give the win to Garrett Gardner. He moved on as Shakira's first team member to advance to the live shows.

Since we've already talked about Adam's next matchup, we're back to Shakira with Chris Thomas paired against Mary Miranda.

I could listen to Chris Thomas sing the phone book if he sang it just like he did "What a Wonderful World" on Monday night. His vibrato and range was incredible.

Mary Miranda's version of "Every Breath You Take" was incredibly unique, but the song overtook Miranda a bit.

Chris Thomas was declared the winner and half of Shakira's live-show team was set.

Adam's third matchup of the night came between Judith Hill and Orlando Dixon.

Remember this Judith Hill? She's the one who performed on night one and wowed the judges. Her battle round performance wasn't as strong as her blind audition, but the Judith Hill that performed "Always On My Mind" was incredible. There truly were no words coming out of my mouth after she finished the song.

Orlando Dixon performed "All My Life" and while it was OK, it felt forced and like he realized he had to do something spectacular to beat the performance Judith Hill had.

Before his performance, he lamented that he didn't want to get cut again from the show, and after hearing Judith Hill, I felt like it was inevitable that Dixon would be headed home. Adam selected Judith as the winner and she will move on to the live shows.

Shakira pitted her two Latina performers against each other in the next knockout round.

Karina Iglesias' performance of "Are You Gonna Go My Way" was fairly one-dimensional while Monique Abbadie's performance of "Power of Love" had some pitch problems.

With less than perfect performances, Shakira selected Iglesias as the winner and sent Monique Abbadie home.

Adam's final pairing of the night went to Warren Stone and Sarah Simmons.

Warren Stone may identify as  a country artist, but after hearing him perform "I Just Died in Your Arms," I have to disagree. It was his best performance of the season, according to Blake.

Unfortunately for Stone, he was paired against another Adam artist with the talent to win the entire competition.

I'm going to be honest – I didn't have anything written down when Sarah Simmons finished her performance of "Wild Horses." In fact, I had to go back to listen to it again just so I could try to write something about the performance.

But honestly, I was just as entranced as the first time. She has such control of her voice. I haven't heard that kind of control in a voice this season. I think, based on popular vote, the season could come down to her and Judith Hill.

Adam chose Sarah as the winner and sent Warren Stone home after his best performance of the season. That's how the cookie crumbles on this show, unfortunately.

Sasha Allen competed against Shawna P. in Shakira's final knockout round.

Sasha Allen's performance of "At Last" showed her strong voice, poise and control, but I was bored by it. I want to see her step out of her comfort zone some.

Shawna P. sang "Maybe I'm Amazed" and while I think some were amazed by her performance, she had the disadvantage of being next to a classically trained artist.

Shakira decided to move Sasha

on to the live shows and said goodbye to rocker Shawna P.

That's a wrap for Adam and Shakira until the live shows. Are you happy with their choices from Monday night's episode?

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