Senior Ace

by: John Overall

(KVOA) TUCSON - Fran Thomas has been playing golf since 1948 and she's still using some of the clubs her husband bought her way back then.

66 years later, Fran is still swinging and celebrating her latest ace.

Fran will celebrate her 93rd birthday later this month. She used to walk the Rolling Hills Golf Course but this year she gave in and started riding in the cart and she cut back to just three or four rounds per week. "I love it, I used to play 7 days a week," Fran said.

Fran started playing golf to spend time with her husband, "I didn't even know where the 19th hole was, so one day he didn't come home and they said he's at the 19th hole and I said I'm going to find that 19th hole because I want to start playing golf," said Fran with a chuckle.

Fran still uses the first and only putter she's ever owned. And she's still quite a ball striker. On Jan. 15, Fran aced the 108 yard 13th hole at Rolling Hills. "I thought it was going to be short. Ro said Fran it's not short it's going in the hole. About that time it went in," Fran recalled.

That was Fran's 3rd hole in one. She also aced the second hole at Rolling Hills two times in 1987.

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