Radio station fights to save Turkey Day

"Save Thanksgiving" campaign

MISSION, Kansas - Radio station 105.1 JACK FM is fighting back against the early Christmas music. They are trying to save Thanksgiving, by waiting to play Christmas music until after Thanksgiving.

They started the "Save Thanksgiving Campaign" back in 2008, but it has grown into a larger push.

“We need to wait until after Thanksgiving, I mean it was just Halloween. This holiday is getting passed over…we need to save it,” program director Bryan Truta said.

His partner Nycki Pace used to work at one of the stations that played Christmas music after Halloween.

“You feel like...get me out of the bell tower, I never loved it,” said Pace.

As for the listeners, Truta says according to Arbitron’s Personal People Meter (PPM),  people are tuning in.

He says JACK FM sits in the top five spots with adult listeners and the other stations that played Christmas music last year dropped at least five spots each.

This year, they are also teaming up with Salvation Army this year to help people who can’t afford Thanksgiving.

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