Bishop Finn goes in front of grand jury in Jackson County

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - Bishop Raymond Finn, the head of the diocese of Kansas City - St. Joseph and the man in charge during the recent priest abuse scandal, testified in front of a Jackson County grand jury Friday. According to a report from the Kansas City Star , Bishop Finn was with the grand jury for over four hours.

The diocese has been under fire since the arrest of Rev. Shawn Ratigan, a priest accused of sexual abuse in a federal case . Just three years ago, Finn promised sexual abuse of children would never again happen under his watch.

An independent investigation performed by a former US Attorney found serious flaws in how the bishop and diocese handled recent sex abuse allegations against Rev. Ratigan and Rev. Michael Tierney. Additional lawsuits have been filed since the Ratigan arrest, and one local victims group has said the diocese has failed to live up to promises to stop abuse made after allegations in the past.

Rebecca Summers, Director of Communications for the diocese, issued the following statement following the Bishop's grand jury appearance:

"The diocese is doing everything that it can to cooperate with law enforcement."

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