Hamburger Mary's general manager chases down couple who tried to steal the Hamburger Mary's statue

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - All weekend, customers posed for Halloween pictures with the Hamburger Mary statue and a hearse. Managers with Hamburger Mary's had taken her down from her perch up above the restaurant for people to take pictures with her during the Halloween weekend.

Just as they were about to bring her in on Sunday night, Jeff Edmondson, the general manager, saw a man and woman lift her.

"I thought that's kind of odd, they shouldn't be moving it like that," said Edmondson.

He thought they might be curious about how much she weighed. But a short time later, a gold pickup truck pulled up. Edmondson saw the man grab Hamburger Mary and throw her in the back.

Edmondson hurried out the front door.

"I just reached up and grabbed the tailgate and just launched myself up into it. And reached up and grabbed the back of their truck so they couldn't throw me out," said Edmondson.

Edmondson said they drove for a block or so, and then he pounded on the back window and demanded his statue.

"I said if you don't stop and take this back, I'm going to kick in your back window and throw you out of here and take it back myself."

The couple pulled into a parking lot and that's when Edmondson called 911. The man tried to convince him to forget the whole thing.

"'Didn't you think that was a little bit funny?' And I'm like, ‘No, I didn't think that was funny. You've stolen our property'," said Edmondson.

So the couple drove Edmondson and the statue back to the restaurant where police were waiting.

Edmondson said the couple admitted to him they wanted Hamburger Mary for their living room.

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