City officials say security at night club isn't doing enough to curb violence

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - A Kansas City club is in the crosshairs of city officials after a number of recent shootings have left at least one person injured and patrons asking for help.

Kansas City’s division of regulated industries is in charge of overseeing some of the incidents at the club, but the agency says security at Club NRG – short for energy – isn’t doing enough to break it up.

“One individual told me a story about looking over the edge of his balcony and seeing a couple of people urinating on his building,” said Gary Majors of the city’s Regulated Industries Division.

According to the condo resident, the man started throwing rocks when he was asked stop.

The man, according to witnesses, had been drinking at the club, located at 220 Admiral Blvd.

The problems, and more serious ones like shootings, have plagued the club since it opened in 2008. In the spring of 2009, the club reported four aggravated assaults in just one month, one of them included an incident where four people were shot.

It was after that the club, then known as Club NV, lost its liquor license and shut down for five months. It re-opened last October as Club NRG, but the violence has continued.

Neighbors have video-taped several fights, and this past weekend, a shooting near the club left one man with a gunshot wound in his buttocks. Police believe the shooting was connected to the club.

Authorities have dispatched more officers around the bar, but doing so has drained manpower from other spots.

“In any given night, if you have six to eight officers at one bar, it obviously limits your resources elsewhere in the community,” said Major Wayne Stewart of the Kansas City Police Department. “And that includes the neighborhoods that aren’t part of the bar scene.”

The city’s liquor control agency has already cracked down on the club. The owners have until November 30th to sell the club or lose his license again.

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