Stress adding up for family that has been victimized by three crimes in just more than a year

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - A Kansas City family is dealing with its third crime in about a year.

Kathy and Kevin Euston own three hardware stores.

Wednesday night just before closing, Waldo Hardware at West 75th and Wyandotte was robbed at gunpoint.

A man walked inside and pointed a gun at the young clerk behind the counter.

Three employees and several customers were there at the time.

"The kids robbed here at gunpoint, and you think, this is crazy," said Kathy Euston.

The family had already been working with police.

Their son Brian was mysteriously killed in Westport ten weeks ago.

He was left for dead on a sidewalk with a head injury.

Brian's death is still unsolved, as is the armed robbery at their store more than a year ago, in October, 2009.

"There are people out there who know what happened, because people talk. They're sitting on their hands, they don't want to be involved," said Kevin Euston.

Even before the latest robbery, the holidays had been tough enough.

"We have awesome friends and family. They circled the wagons and held us up... we did okay," said Kathy.

The Euston's thought they were a normal, average family, just raising kids, doing Scouts, running the store.

But now they've been victimized by three crimes in about a year.

"You just begin to shake your head, and say, this cannot be real," said Kathy.

Brian's death and the previous armed robbery both remain unsolved. 

There is still a $35,000 reward in Brian’s murder. Call the TIPS Hotline (816) 474-TIPS if you have any information.

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