Report card for the school board

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - Members of the parent and citizen group "Do the Right Thing For Kids" want to hold the Kansas City School Board accountable. Group members began Wednesday night by filling out a report card about the school board meeting.

“We’re talking about policies, are they following the policies, are they staying within the financial limits and conducting the meetings correctly,” said former school board member Dr. Bill Eddy.

Eddy is currently a member of “Do the Right Thing For Kids.” He said members spent months observing meetings to come up with the report card’s criteria. Eddy believes the district has done a good job of getting out of a financial crisis, but more work needs to be done.

“One way you improve is to get some good feedback from outside your system who will maybe tell you the truth,” said Eddy.

About 7 group members will attend each meeting to grade board members. The postings will first be available to school board members to see, and then the evaluations will be posted on the group’s website.

Parent Linnea Williams is one of several hundred supporters that make up "Do the Right Thing For Kids." She hopes the report card will make a difference.

“I think if they can be more precise in their meetings that will attract more people to come to the meetings and involved with what happens in the school board,” said Williams.

Eddy said he told the board about the report card before the program began. He believes board members have mixed emotions.

“Some of them think it's going to be useful some of them are wary until they see what we are doing, but I think that's natural," said Eddy.

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