Family Dollar remains closed after rat infestation

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - A local Family Dollar store remains closed after the Kansas City Health Department found rats inside, eating through grocery food.

On May 26, the Health Department shut down the Family Dollar Store located in the 5400 block of Prospect Avenue.

They received a complaint from a customer a day before, who saw rats tearing through bags of food.

According to the complainant who requested an inspection report, "Rats were seen inside human food as well as inside cat food and dog food bags. The owner was told about the rats and did nothing but shrug his shoulders".

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When the Health Department came out to investigate, they found large amounts of rat droppings under shelves of merchandise on the sales floor.

There were rat droppings found on various shelves of cat and dog food bags, candies, potato chips and open bags of food that had been chewed through.

Health Department investigators also found a large number of flies throughout the store.

The Health Department immediately shut down the Family Dollar store with violating hazard to the public under KCMO's Food Code 8-804.10.

When a health permit is suspended, all food service operations are stopped immediately.

Manager of the store, Rod Wiggins, was given a Summary Suspension Letter by the Health Department.

He is not allowed to reopen the store until he shows the Health Department proof of pest control, which as of Friday, June 10, had not been done.

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