Family shares photos from Hyatt Regency Skywalk collapse aftermath

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - This weekend marks the 30 anniversary of the Hyatt Regency Skywalk collapse, and a local family has shared some never-before-seen pictures with of the wreckage.

Kenneth Paton, Sr. was a local photographer in Kansas City. He has since died, but he went to the Hyatt the night of the skywalk collapse to take pictures of the aftermath. His wife Kathy of Lee's Summit and his daughter Melissa of Greenwood contacted NBC Action News to share the pictures.

Paton's family says he was an independent photographer who listened to police scanners. Paton would then go to accident scenes to take pictures. Paton made money selling photos to lawyers for court cases.

Paton's family members found several dozen pictures in a box labeled "Hyatt Regency" after their father died.

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