Sources confirm probe into Clay Co. Auditor William Norris' offenses uncovered by NBC Action News

KANSAS CITY, Missiouri - An NBC Action News investigation into Clay County Auditor William Norris is getting results even before Wednesday night's planned broadcast.

Sources inside the Clay County Prosecutor's Office are confirming a probe into whether Norris has a felony background.

Norris has been avoiding our cameras for six weeks as we've uncovered serious questions about his past.

During his campaign, he claimed to be a CPA. Missouri officials say that's not true.

He also claimed to be a graduate of William Jewell. Officials at the college say that is not true.

He told voters he had experience as a comptroller for a multi-million dollar corporation. The actual Comptroller at the company confirmed that Norris worked in a satellite office, but said he was only a clerk.

During our investigation, we turned over documents from Norris's legal battles involving multiple women to the Clay County Prosecutor.

Norris has told NBC Action News by e-mail that he has never pled guilty to a felony, but he does acknowledge legal problems.

"I have never plead guilty to, or been convicted of a felony," Norris said by e-mail. "Any legal matters I have ever been a part of have been misdemeanor offenses or have been pled down to misdemeanor offenses with a term of probation of the suspended imposition variety."

"I am not a felon. I am still able to vote, purchase guns, hold a conceal and carry permit, travel abroad, ect..." Norris wrote. "I checked into this before I declared my candidacy for Auditor."

Sources in the Clay County Prosecutor's Office confirm they are investigating whether that's true and whether it could impact his qualification to hold public office.

Our investigation into William Norris airs Wednesday on NBC Action News at 10.

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