Police raid, nude photos, and resignation of William Norris as Clay County auditor

LIBERTY, Mo. - In wake of an NBC Action News investigation, the Clay County auditor submitted his letter of resignation on Thursday.

"At this time, I feel that I must devote my time and attention to my family and personal matters," said former Clay County auditor William Norris.

RESIGNATION LETTER | http://media2.nbcactionnews.com/pdf/WilliamNorrisResignationLetter.pdf

The NBC Action News investigation identified documents linking Norris to felony papers associated with a 2006 stalking case.

The investigation also identified nude pictures on a Photobucket account of a woman from Norris' hometown. The account was linked to Norris' email.

Police are investigating the nude pictures as "computer tampering" and identified Norris as a suspect.

Deputies served a search warrant at Norris' home Wednesday night. Deputies seized computer and electronic equipment, according to a spokesman for the sheriff's department.

The search warrant was served by the Western Missouri Cyber Crimes Task Force based at the Platte County Sheriff's Department.

The spokesman declined to release any other details, but officials have previously identified Norris as a suspect in connection to the nude photos linked to Norris' email.

The auditor's digital footprint included a shirtless picture on a dating site, and records from the county showing his official computer accessed gambling sites and adult websites, including a national gossip site where someone anonymously posted the nude photo found in the Photobucket account uncovered in our investigation.

In all, our investigation identified seven women who were victimized by distribution of nude photos, harassment, cyber-identity theft, or stalking.

We also accessed sealed court records revealing Norris' five year probation deal and Norris' court ordered payments to felony funds that first raised concerns about a 2006 felony stalking conviction.

"Mr. Norris' attorney contacted me and handed me the resignation," said Clay County Attorney Kevin Graham. Graham said Norris was not present.

Because of the resignation, prosecutors have dropped their probe into whether a felony background would disqualify Norris from office.

Police are continuing their investigation.

Officials in Clay County say the sudden resignation of the auditor could cripple key services, including payroll, until a new auditor is appointed by the governor.



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