Kansas boy who has brain cancer receives cards of encouragement from around the world

OVERLAND PARK, Kansas - A Kansas mother reaches out on her blog and asks for cards of encouragement for her sick son.

Now, people from all over the world are responding.

On every wall and in every corner of nine-year-old Mason's house, cards from strangers fill the space.

"It feels like there's a rainbow above our house, that there's magic all around. That we're not alone in this journey," said Andria Kempf, Mason's mother.

In April, her son Mason was diagnosed with cancer.

Doctors discovered an inoperable tumor on his brain.

Andria said letters and cards from friends seemed to bring joy to Mason, so she started a blog and reached out to the world for help.

She asked for cards from anyone interested in sending them.

In a matter of days, more than 1,000 cards showed up to Mason’s house.

He’s received letters from every state and from around the world.

"I just said Mason, we are not alone. Look how many people love you and care about you,” Andria said.

Mason and his 9-year-old brother Maverick anxiously wait for the mail every day to see who has a word of encouragement to share.

“I just love it every single time when the mail comes. It is just wonderful," said Maverick.

The Kempfs said they’re enjoying every minute they have together and the cards have made that time even sweeter.

To send a card of encouragement to Mason visit Masonarik.blogspot.com

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