Mother is confused by senseless shooting death of her daughter

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Stephanie Davis held a picture of her daughter De Ja Davis, 16, as tears streamed down her face Saturday night. 

"She didn't deserve to go out like this," said Davis.

Davis gathered the support of her siblings and children to get through an interview about her daughter, De Ja Davis.  De Ja is one of the two people found shot to death inside of a home in the 6600 block of Bellefontaine Boulevard on Thanksgiving night

Davis said her daughter went to her best friend Loretta Petty's house that previous Tuesday to help her cook Thanksgiving dinner.  De Ja was suppose to return home at 2:00 on Thanksgiving day to have dinner with her family.

"I kept calling and calling, and I couldn't reach her," said Davis.

Davis said she sent her son to the Petty home on Thanksgiving day .  He was the person who called police because a window in the front of the house was broken, that phone call eventually lead police to the alleged suspect who  shot at police, police returned fire killing the man. 

Once inside the home,  police discovered  two dead bodies .  Davis' daughter De Ja, and her best friend Loretta Petty, 53.

"I don't know why he would do this.  It doesn't make any sense," said Davis.

Police have identified the alleged suspect and the man they killed as Jerry Petty. The other victim, Loretta Petty's, husband.  Davis did not want to speculate on whether or not Jerry was involved in the double murder, but told NBC Action News that Jerry had a history of drug problems.

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