NAACP calls out Hallmark over 'racist' graduation greeting

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - Kansas City greeting card giant Hallmark has been pressured to remove a " hoops&yoyo" greeting card after the NAACP found it politically incorrect. 

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The card, which has been sold for the past three years, features the witty duo in an astronomy themed setting. The printed text congratulating the graduate for an out of this world job well-done was fine. It was the audio recording inside the NAACP representatives found insensitive. hoops&yoyo recite the following:

“Hey World, we're officially putting you on notice. Yeah! You'd better watch out because this graduate here's kicking rear and taking names. This graduate's going to run the world, run the universe and run everything after that... whatever that is. And you black holes, you're so ominous. HA HA HA OHHH. Congratulations. YEA!!! Nothin' like taking over the world. And you planets, watch your back!”

The phrase “you black holes,” was thought to come off as “you black hoes,” a reference the NAACP said is demeaning to African American women.

Hallmark has pulled the card from retail stores and issued an apology, which reads in part:

“We believe that in the context of the outer space theme and the copy itself, the intent of the card is clear: that after graduation, there is a universe of opportunity, and this graduate is ready to take it on. However, when it became evident that there was confusion, we took steps to remove the card from stores shelves, an action we felt was in the best interest of our retail partners and of consumers who perceived our words in ways we never intended.”

Hallmark says the card has been out for three years and this was the first time they received a complaint.

The NAACP will hold its convention in Kansas City next month with some 10,000 attendees.

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