Power plant worker rescued after being injured on the job

MISSOURI CITY, Missouri - A man injured while working at the Missouri City Power Plant had to be rescued by firefighters.

Randy Reynolds fractured his leg while working Tuesday morning. He had to be rescued because he was about 200 feet in the air.

Reynolds watched as several fire departments arrived, looked above to see news helicopters hovering, and could not believe all the attention being paid to his unlucky fall.

The plant, at 22225 N.E. 210 Highway in Missouri City, is owned and operated by Independence Power and Light.

Marty Barker, manager of production at the plant, says Reynolds was preparing to repair equipment.  He had to climb ladders and go through a door to get to the repair location, and somehow caught his foot and fell, injuring his leg.

Reynolds has been an employee of Independence Power and Light for about five years.

Rescue crews from Excelsior Springs, Liberty and Kansas City were called to help with the rescue.

Barker reports the only other accident reported at the plant in more than ay ear was an employee who suffered a burn on the arm from flying ash. 

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