Haunted house insists zombie strippers are nothing more than a scary good time

WICHITA, Kan. - Hold onto your hat, hide the women and children. Well, at least children under 14.

Nobody under 14 is allowed in the Moudre Haunted House in Wichita.


It's a haunted house of a different kind. Thrill seekers will find the usual scary ghosts, blood and guts, but it also has zombie strippers.

"It's a little bit more adult than most of the haunts in town," said Charlene Vinduska at Moudre Haunt.

She says they plan on no full nudity, though they admit it's very racy. The group prides itself on being cutting edge, and in this case, that means simulated stripping.

"You just have to let your imagination go places that most people don't think of," Vinduska said.

So how do they get away with simulated stripping? On public nudity, city code dictates the bottom half of a woman's chest has to be covered.

And the city says the haunted house will have to comply with the city's public nudity laws.

But, is 14 years old too young to be admitted to a zombie stripper haunted house?

The owners claim 14 is okay.

"So it's not anything the kids won't see by watching tv or by going to the swimming pool," Vinduska said.

There's plenty more here than dancing, scantily-clad zombies... You also get the usual fare of scare, including blood and guts.

They hope the stripper zombie theme is hit -- saying they're just giving teenagers and adults what they want.

The owners say they are aware of Wichita's nudity laws and they say they will do their best not to do anything deemed "obscene" according to the law.