Whoa baby! Iowa woman gives birth to a 13-pound baby

DES MOINES, Iowa - A woman in Iowa is getting lots of attention.

She gave birth to a baby boy that could be the largest child ever delivered naturally at the state's busiest birthing unit.

The child's name is Asher.

He's twenty-three and a half inches, total. But the weight is what really got the nurses talking.

13 pounds, twelve ounces. What`s more amazing is that Asher was born au-naturalle, meaning no surgery and no drugs for his mom, not even an epidural during delivery.

"So, everyone like double takes when they see him, but for us it`s pretty standard and it wasn`t much worse than probably most people`s,"said Kendall Stewardson, Asher's mom.

"Just to have two that had absolutely no issues, we`re definitely very blessed that way," said Joshua Stewardson, Asher's dad.

When asked how the delivery felt, Kendall said "I don`t know if that`s TV appropriate. "

Kendall says it was all worth it for their new little wonder.

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