Woman deposits suspected criminal at police headquarters

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A woman crashed through Kansas City Missouri police headquarters to deposit a suspected criminal Tuesday afternoon.

Police said it is the first time they can remember it ever happening.

Officers said it all began when a man jumped on the hood of a woman's car on 71 Highway in Kansas City.

The woman, in her 30s, told detectives the man stopped traffic on the highway by dancing in the lanes of traffic.

When she slowed down her car, she said the man pointed a gun at her and told her drive.

At that point, detectives say she hit the gas pedal, sped down the highway and straight downtown to Kansas City Police Headquarters on Locust Street.

Police said the woman was in fear for her life so she honked outside of the door of the sally port, a place where prisoners are typically dropped off and booked into jail.

When she did not get a quick enough response, police said she rammed through the garage door at headquarters.

The man held onto the hood until she rammed the door.

Officers said he ran away and tried to board a bus when police caught up with him and arrested him.

He's now being treated at a hospital for minor injuries.

The garage door is a total loss.

Police say since the woman was in genuine fear for her life, she will not be ticketed with any offense.

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