Controversial blogger invited to speak at Republican fundraiser

WASHINGTON D.C. - Shirley Sherrod is a civil rights pioneer, married to civil rights legend Charles Sherrod, a leading member of Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, who risked their lives to challenge Jim Crow segregation of the sixties.

She gave a speech last March on the problem of classism in America and the need heal racial divides to unite the working class.

It was a speech about how the wealthy class cynically used racism to keep the working class divided. Anybody listening to the speech in its entirety would tell you that it was about racial reconciliation.
Her message was that in order for the country’s economy to heal, the country’s racial divides had to be closed.

She had no idea how her words would be manipulated and used in a high-profile political fight that would ultimately end in a demand for her resignation.

But that’s what happened.

And when conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart manipulated Mrs. Sherrod’s speech to make it look like she had denied a farmer help because he was white, he may or may not have realized the full video would have eventually surfaced.

In the immediate aftermath, Mrs. Sherrod was decried as a “reverse racist” and denounced not only by those in the conservative media, but by CNN and others in the mainstream media, by the Obama administration and even the NAACP. Mere hours had gone by before she received a call on her cell phone demanding her resignation.

It didn’t take long for the truth to come out.

The white farmers Breitbart accused Mrs. Sherrod of refusing to help went in front of the camera and made it as clear as they could. Shirley Sherrod helped them in every way.

Then, the full tape was released.

And with the full tape, everybody could plainly see what Shirley Sherrod was saying in her speech. She did not say that she had denied anyone help because they were white.

The speech was clearly about the need for all the working class of America to come together, despite race.

And Andrew Breitbart was discredited.

Mrs. Sherrod got apologies from the NAACP, the Obama administration and Bill O’Reilly.

It would seem that everyone would want to keep Breitbart at arm’s length.

But he has been invited by the Republican National Committee to participate next month at a GOP fundraiser.

Tickets to the donor event in Beverly Hills, California run between $1,000 and $60,000.

Breitbart and RNC Chairman Michael Steele are listed as confirmed speakers to the August 12 event.

They will update donors on the RNC’s strategies to win back the House and Senate in the upcoming midterm elections.

The invitation has been confirmed by the RNC, but they have declined to discuss the event further.

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