Trial continues for man accused of branding a swastika on a mentally disabled Navajo man

FARMINGTON, New Mexico - Prosecutors say a New Mexico man branded a swastika on a mentally disabled New Mexico man.

29-year-old William Hatch is the first of three men to be put on trial for the ordeal 22-year-old Vincent Kee went through last April.

Hatch, Paul Beebe and Jesse Sanford all worked at a McDonalds in Farmington, New Mexico.

Prosecutors say the three took Kee from the restaurant, stripped him down to his underwear, shaved a swastika on the back of his head, drawing racist and inappropriate pictures and messages on his body and using a coat hanger to brand a swastika onto the mentally disabled man's arm.

Police say Hatch and his friends told them they thought it would be funny.

Hatch's attorney argued the victim agreed to be branded and this is just a case of a prank that went too far.

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