Lawsuit targets alleged puppy mill for false advertising

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - A Missouri dog breeder is being sued for false advertising. This comes in the middle of the statewide debate over Proposition "B", which would crack down on puppy mills.

This lawsuit may be the first of its kind. It was filed Tuesday in Randolph County court.

Brenda Watson shopped for a puppy online, and then drove to mid-Missouri to buy a dog.

She says it was sick and she's not sure if it's actually a Yorkie-poo as she was told. She says it was advertised as being healthy and from a litter raised inside a home by a family.

But the lawsuit alleges it came from an inhumane and unsanitary puppy mill.

"I hope that she would be stopped, her breeding practices would be stopped. Maybe it would help other people to be aware, when they're buying a dog, to research it more. Some of the mistakes i made, hopefully others can learn from," said Watson.

The Humane Society, which is campaigning in favor of Prop-B, is pushing for publicity on this lawsuit.

One defendant, Brandi Cheney, says she's never told customers that the dogs were raised inside the house, but rather, in a home-type environment.

She says her children do play with the pups.

She has about 120 dogs and runs the type of breeding operation that would be restricted by Prop-B, so she's against it.

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