Mayoral race heats up, but voters having a hard time picking a side

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - Tuesday night at the Uptown Theater, the Broadway Westport Council hosted a mayoral debate between candidates Mike Burke and Sly James.

Burke and James are both attorneys, both friends, both democrats, both Kansas City natives and both view many city issues the same way. Because both candidates are so similar, some voters said they’re having a tough time choosing a candidate to back.

Ezekiel Amador and his wife Billie said it was important to hear both men speak publicly to make the right choice.

“We have been comparing notes and saying who do you think, who do you think? So during this whole hour and half that's what we have been doing,” said Ezekiel Amador.

His wife agreed it’s been a tough choice, but she said that’s not a bad thing because in the end there will be a certain change in administration.

“I think because they are so similar it's not difficult, personally yes but in the end it will be fine either way,” said Billie Amador.

For Richard Heinze, "They did seem to have similar positions tonight, so since they are alike on a lot of issues it may come down just one or two small things.”

The only issue the two candidates have publicly not agreed on is the Plaza issue regarding a law firm building on the Plaza .

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