Lisa's half-brothers to be interviewed

DNA samples to be taken

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Lisa Irwin's half-brothers will be interviewed this week for the first time since the day the 11-month-old girl was reported missing.

The boys, ages 6 and 8, were interviewed by police, one for about 30 minutes and the other about 50 minutes, on Oct. 4, the day Lisa vanished. But detectives have more questions.

Kansas City police spokesman Steve Young said the boys will be interviewed by a child forensic specialist on Friday.

Attorney Cyndy Short said the family and police agreed upon the interview terms. The boys will be interviewed at an undisclosed location on Friday.

Police said the specialist will interview the boys in a child advocacy center environment without the presence of any law enforcement and will also take a DNA swab from the boys' cheeks.

Jill Hazell with Synergy Services said in most cases, a forensic interviewer will ask the questions while detectives watch in another room.

"We want it to be child friendly so they can feel comfortable in sitting down and telling what they may have experienced," said Hazell.

She said the boys will never step foot into a police station or see an officer.

"They could easily be intimidated by the surroundings and officers wearing uniforms and guns and in some situations children may feel like they are the ones in trouble," said Hazell.

Hazell said children are often good at recalling events and they are usually honest about what they see.

"Children are very capable of giving very factual very detailed information," said Hazell.

In an interview last week with NBC News , Lisa's mother, Deborah Bradley, said the boys heard something the night Lisa disappeared, but she and Lisa's father, Jeremy Irwin, have been reluctant to allow further questioning because they didn't want to put them through "anything else."

Young said both boys were interviewed, one for about 30 minutes and the other about 50 minutes, on Oct. 4, the day Lisa was reported missing.

Jeremy Irwin said he returned home from an overnight shift as an electrician to find Bradley and the boys sleeping and Lisa gone.

Detectives with the Kansas City Police Department and FBI have since been following hundreds of leads into her disappearance, but no suspects have been named and there's been no solid evidence into her potential whereabouts, Young has said.

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