Volunteers move through local fields gleaning crops to help feed the hungry

GUILFORD, Missouri - The practice is as old as the Bible, but it's making a difference today in the battle against hunger.

Volunteers spread out in local fields to glean crops left behind after a harvest.

A group put together by the Society of Saint Andrew spent last weekend in an orchard in Nodaway County, Missouri.

"We collected about 2,800.....2,600 pounds of these pears,'''  said Bernie Schneider, coordinator of the society's gleaning program

Schneider says his goal is to increase the number of people walking the fields and collecting the crops left behind.

With fresh food, time is his enemy.

"The more people I can get out here, the more pears we'll get,'' Schneider said.

The practice of gleaning is mentioned in the Old Testament when leftover crops were given to the poor.

Today, it's food banks and other groups who help the hungry who benefit from the volunteers efforts.

For information on how to help, call the Society of Saint Andrews at (816) 921-0856 or check them out online at www.endhunger.org .





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