As gadgets become more versatile, many others are on their way to obsolete

As the gadgets you can buy get more and more high-tech, do you really need to keep around all the old ‘toys’ you have?

Not necessarily according to New York Times Tech Editor Sam Grobart, who says smartphones are taking over much of the work other gadgets used to do.

First, he says, the point-and-shoot camera is no longer needed.

"They only do one thing. They take pictures, and once you've taken the picture, well getting it off the camera becomes a lot more difficult."

Not only do smartphones take pictures, but they also record video. So the second gadget Grobart says will become a thing of the past is the camcorder.

No. 3, 4 & 5 on Grobart’s list are other things commonly being taken over by smartphones and their many capabilities. Those are USB drives, GPS devices and digital music players.

"So these are all things we used to have to buy and maintain and get new things for, but now you just get a smartphone and you can pretty much do all of that."

There has also been a lot of talk about whether the sixth item on Grobart’s list is even necessary anymore.

With so much programming available online, cable television is rapidly becoming an unnecessary luxury for many. But if you are a news or sports junkie, it might just pay to keep it around.

"A lot of that content isn't as available online,” Grobart says, “so it depends a little bit on how you use your television."

Speaking of the Internet, a high-speed connection is definitely something you want to keep around, but Grobart says more and more are ditching the seventh item on his list – the desk top.

"I think people will probably buy more laptops, more netbooks, more tablets and the desktop computer might just fade away."

Now obviously, if you don’t have a smartphone, you’ll want to keep all your old gadgets around, but if you want to build a collection of gadgets, it might be best to consider a smartphone or other device that can do more than one thing.

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