Kansas State head basketball coach Frank Martin undergoing treatment for blood clot

MANHATTAN, Kansas - Kansas State Wildcats head basketball coach Frank Martin was treated over the weekend for a blood clot discovered after his second recent knee surgery.

According to NBC Action Sports' Jack Harry, Martin has been undergoing treatment for the clot at a Manhattan hospital every 12 hours since the clot was detected on Friday.

About a week ago, Martin, 45, underwent knee surgery, his second knee operation in the last two months. The operations were being watched closely by Martin's doctors, who spotted the clot on Friday.

"I'm on house rest. I really can't do anything," Martin told Jack Sunday night after returning from the hospital. "I'm on blood thinners, they feel that they found the clot early enough that I didn't have to get stuck in a hospital."

Martin said he was on "intense medication" to thin his blood. ""As long as I do what the doctor's tell me, he's telling me everything should be okay."

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