Fans light up blog sites about ongoing NFL labor negotiations

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - News of a possible NFL lockout is lighting up blog sites on the internet.

Joel Thorman is editor of the blog site Arrowhead Pride. He’s posting several stories a day about the negotiations between the NFL and the players union.

“Everything we are talking about it dominated by the lockout.

Everyone wants to know when is it going to be done,” said Thorman.

The big news on Friday is a seven day extension of the negotiations.

Chiefs fans still seem skeptical.

One blogger writes, “They’ve managed to agree to MORE days of getting nothing accomplished. What a giant waste of time this has all been. Waiting until the stroke of midnight to ask for an extension…I though only the IRS granted those. Not impressed at all by this.”

Thorman says fans aren’t taking sides. Instead they are blaming everyone.

Some bloggers are comparing the ups and downs of the negotiations to a soap opera.

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