Jack's Smack: There's no reason to wait to announce the Big 12 Coach of the Year award

Don't agree with Jack? He's okay with that!

The Big 12 Coach of the Year award should be announced today. There is no reason to wait.

Give it to Frank Martin. He deserves it. He's earned it.

I know there's a contingent from Texas campaigning for Mark Turgeon at A&M.

And yep, every year, all those little birds of Jayhawk feathers start chirping loudly about their head coach.

Come on! Look. I could win 30 games a season at KU, with 2 or 3 lottery picks delivered to my door every year.

I'm being facetious, but you get the idea.

We all pull for Bill Self because he's a good guy. But so is Frank Martin.

Here's a guy who lost a 6 foot 9 McDonald’s All-American and lost another highly acclaimed 6 foot 10 JuCo player--both defecting in the middle of January.

Sure, he ran ‘em off. They couldn't cut it. Frank had to change his entire offense at mid season.

A month ago - Wildcat fans were calling for his head.

They wanted to run him out of dodge. That’s what fans do. It didn't deter Frank.

His coaching style became even more intense and his ability to lob 4-letter f-bombs is un-matched in the college coaching ranks.

It’s a good thing, Frank doesn't drink.

Believe me; he's not alone when it comes to coaches spewing salty language.

He's animated alright, but he's not some goon on the sidelines.

Attend one of his practices and you'll discover there really is a bond between the coach and his players.

Here's what separates Frank Martin from the others.

He doesn't have the luxury of picking from the cream of the crop like Bill Self, and Rick Barnes, and John Calipari and Roy Williams.

In other words, he doesn't have built-in 30 win seasons every year.

Frank didn’t choose this vocation to see how many players he could send to the NBA every year.

So many of these coaches are making millions of dollars on kids they don't even know, because the good players are gone after a year. They're one and done.

Frank Martin's mission in coaching is turning boys into men. It’s called tough love.

To me, that’s the epitome of what a coach of the year should really be - an educator first.

That’s Jack Smack.

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