Spring Hill football player Nathan Stiles died from a re-bleed of a subdural hematoma

SPRING HILL, Kansas - A report into the death of Spring Hill football player Nathan Stiles found that he died from a previous injury.

The report found that the 17-year-old died from a massive re-bleed of a subdural hematoma during a previous football game. The report found the injury was never detected.

Stiles died Oct. 29 after he was airlifted from the field of a game between Spring Hill and Osawatomie the night before. He complained of a severe headache, sustained a seizure and then collapsed on the sideline.

Stiles received a concussion at his Oct. 1 homecoming game; he was later cleared to play in the Osawatomie game on Oct. 28.

The Spring Hill School District released the following statement regarding Stiles’ death report:

“The official cause of death of Nathan Stiles reinforces the critical nature of sports-related student injuries. The Spring Hill School District and other school districts across the country look forward to medical recommendations that will make students safer as they participate in athletics and physical education classes. We continue our thoughts and prayers for the Stiles family through this difficult time and encourage participation in The Nathan Project.”

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