Hats making a comeback in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - If we asked you what a Milliner did, would you know? We used to. Hats may seem like something your grandma wore, but they're making a big comeback. And we met an artist in Kansas City making hat-making cool.

For the first in our "Made In KC" Series is a thoroughly modern milliner.

In flips and folds of fabric, Amina Hood found a livelihood.

"Hats may have seemed strictly vintage, before Kate Middleton helped throw them back in the ring of fashion - some of us are still scared to try them on," she said. “That's kind of where I come in!"

Amina makes hats of every size, shape and color that are almost sculptures themselves.

"I steam it and then I shape it on to this head block and the process is an art too," Hood said. “I never know where I'm going at the beginning, it's art for your head and I enjoy it so much.”

Hood just started her company in May and has already had showings during First Fridays at the Crossroads. Want a custom hat? They start at about $70.

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