Local man remembers time spent in building before Thursday's collapse

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The future of the building that partially collapsed on Thursday is still unknown.

On Saturday, contractors worked to stabilize it as Michael Young took a trip down memory lane.

“This is downstairs, they were going to take her away from me. So I handcuffed her to me,” Young said, showing a photo of him and his wife handcuffed together during their wedding.

Young got married at the church in 1982.

Now the three-story building is literally crumbling to the ground.

On Thursday, more than 60 people narrowly escaped the falling bricks and debris.

The church has temporarily relocated, but the pastor hopes to salvage items inside and some of the building.

Young is also hopeful.

He met his wife, married her, and lived on the third floor when he had his first two children.

He's deeply saddened by the dilapidated structure but fondly recalls the memories made in a place he once called home.

“I don't go here anymore but my heart’s here. I hope people will help. It's what makes the American people so great, turn around and help one another,” Young said.

He also remembered how the church and its members had affected his life.

“I was in a head-on collision and the whole congregation prayed for me and came to see me. It changed my life,” Young said.

Contractors hope to have the building stabilized by Monday so engineers can go inside and determine the buildings' future.

The church's Sunday service will be at 1:30 at 4000 Victory Drive in Kansas City, Kan.

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