Super Nanny called 'an angel' for saving child

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - The father of the child who was saved by the nanny says she is an angel on earth. The Kansas City native nanny saved the life of the child who she was walking at the time.

Jen Anton's father said his 25 -year-old daughter wasn't just a nanny to three Chicago children, she was nearly as close to them as their mother.

In May, Anton pushed 2-year-old Tyler Jones' stroller out of the way of an alleged drunk Chicago sanitation worker. Witnesses said the driver went over the curb and onto Chicago's Gold Coast sidewalk.

The nanny's father, Tom Anton, who lives in Kansas City, said, "She pushed the stroller out of the way and the truck came over the curb and ran into eight people."

But her father said even after people dragged her to safety, all she could think about in the midst of her pain was Tyler and Tyler's parents.

Crying, he said, "She was worried about Tyler and thought the parents may be mad at her."

Quite the contrary. Tyler's father, Hugh Jones, gave his thoughts about his super nanny in a news conference this week.

"I think that Jen Anton is an angel on this earth. She pushed my daughter out of the way and took the hit herself. If she didn't do what she did, my daughter Tyler wouldn't be alive today."

Jones and Jen Anton have now filed a civil suit against sanitation worker, Dwight Washington, and the City of Chicago.

Prosecutors have charged Washington with aggravated DUI. Chicago police said they have recovered a half empty bottle of brandy as evidence.

Jones told reporters, "There are accidents. Some are commendable and some are not. This was clearly a preventable accident."

Jen Anton's father remembered, "She was worried she had ruined their day."

Instead, the super nanny's father said a stranger with a problem was the one who allegedly ruined so many lives for so many people he has never known.

Jen Anton's parents said Jen may not be able to walk again for another year.

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