Liberty woman wants city to change chicken coop ordinance to no permission needed

LIBERTY, Mo. - Currently a person can have up to three chickens in Liberty, but they have to have permission from the neighbors who share their property line.

In Jennifer Steelman's case, all of her neighbors said yes to her request for a chicken coop except one.

The neighbor owns the house, but he doesn't live in it. That's why Steelman thinks the ordinance should be changed.

“It’s my property. I should be able to do what I want,” Steelman said. “If I’m following the city regulation, and I’m able to meet those, my neighbors shouldn’t have a say in it.”

She already bought her coop, now she just needs the chickens.

Steelman said they're ideal pets for her family and a great way to save money on eggs.

She asked city council members to change the ordinance.

Steelman argues a neighbor's permission isn't required for dogs or cats, so why for chickens? 

“I think we based it on other communities’ ordinances and that was common,” Sara Cooke, with the City of Liberty, said. “I don’t know if that’s the case any longer, but we are going to look at the number as well as whether we need to have permissions as part of that discussion.

Other cities, like Kansas City, allow up to 15 backyard chickens, but no roosters.

Steelman hopes Liberty will allow more chickens as well.

The city council is expected to take up the issue within the next month.  

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