Sprint unveils new pricing plan, first big move by new CEO Marcelo Claure

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - Exactly one week after the new CEO of Overland Park-based Sprint took over , the company announced a new plan it said will get it back in the game.

On Friday, Sprint will ditch its widely publicized “Framily plan,” and launch one they hope will disrupt the wireless world.

Activities like Facebook, Facetime, texting and talking are about to get less expensive for Sprint customers. For $100 a month, the wireless company is offering 20 gigabytes of data, for up to 10 phone lines, and unlimited talk and text.

“It allows customers to basically get twice as much data to share that they can get from AT&T and Verizon. Two very popular plans, and we're basically doubling the value that you get,” Sprint’s Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Hallock said.

The change in pricing is the first move by new CEO Marcelo Claure. Sprint said the new plan, called “The Family Share Pack,” is competitive and offers users more data than its rivals.

T-Mobile user Christie Garton said she’ll consider switching to Sprint because of the data package.

“Myself, my husband, you know we're always constantly having to deal with that issue, and I think it would be an advantage," Garton said.

Verizon user Michael McQuary felt the same way.

"It's attractive. It makes you sort of think, because it’s all about money right now and having your money work for you,” McQuary said.

Hallock said Monday’s announcement gives not only its customers, but its employees something to celebrate.

“As we said today, we're getting back in the game. We're bringing some really competitive pricing to our consumers,” Hallock said.

If you’re worried about paying a termination fee, Sprint said it will offer reimbursement for customers who have to break their current cellphone contract.

The new pricing officially launches on Friday.

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