Protesters marching in Ferguson, Mo., and police keep them moving

FERGUSON, Mo. - The memorial for Michael Brown grew outside the apartment complex in Ferguson, Mo., Monday. 

Just off the street, another pile grew for donations for people in the community.

"People were in desperate need of resources as a result of the community being shut down after a certain point," Terrance Cauley with Better Family Life said. 

The Better Family Life group collected donations for the community and helped people re-direct their anger. 

"To offer some therapy as far as some of the community members come out and just be able to talk about what's going on because of the frustration of being locked down at night in the community," Cauley said. 

It's a sharp contrast from the protests that went on just a couple of blocks away.

Groups of protesters paced up and down West Florissant.

There were also groups of people cleaning up things like this rubber bullets and tear gas canisters left over from clashes Sunday night.

Protesters were met by honking cars and police all very close behind. Officers warned them if they stop for more than 5 seconds, they will be arrested.

Gov. Nixon canceled the curfew Monday evening. The past two nights had a curfew that began at midnight and lasted until 5 a.m. The Highway Patrol does plan on allowing peaceful protests this evening.

Gov. Nixon also called in the National Guard. He said it would help "in restoring peace and order." The Guard will mainly protect the police command center.

However it seemed to do little to calm tensions.

“Look all of this that they're doing: the curfews, state of emergencies, now bringing the National Guard. It is all illegitimate, unacceptable,” Carl Dix of New York City said.

“The National Guard is no remedy for the pain, pain is the injustice, pain is for an unarmed man killed,” Rev. Jesse Jackson said.

The Missouri Highway Patrol said they will allow peaceful protests, but not vandals or criminals.

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