3 tips for new moms to get back in shape after having a baby

SHAWNEE MISSION, Kan. - After working out with Fit Moms KC, director Janis Ellis-Claypool offered 3 tips for new moms to get back in shape after a baby.

1. Pacing is key

Remember you are entering an enormous life change. Becoming a parent is the most magical, amazing, rewarding, and exhausting job you'll ever have. Trying to resume your previous levels of physical activity too soon is not the best approach. Start slow. Take walks. Try to
set aside a little time, but keep the intensity low at first.

2. Set realistic goals

If you weren't a jogger before your pregnancy and your baby's arrival, do not buy a jogger stroller! Set realistic goals on how physical activity can be incorporated into your new parenting life. If you become a jogger, than consider a jogger stroller. If you've never been a runner, buying the stroller will mean you are reselling it on Craig's list in a few months. Keep the goals within reach and in sight.

3. Make it social

Having a social support system helps people stick with their workouts. Start your own mommy walking group or ask your neighbors if they want to take an evening walk after dinner. Having a partner or a small group means you are less likely to skip the workout.

Remember to honor this major transition. Give yourself time to adjust. You will get your activity levels back again. Start slow, be consistent, and make it fun!

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