Kelly Sweeney's top 10 exercise and eating tips

OLATHE, Kan. - Kelly Sweeney has more than 20 years of motivating people to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Last Sunday, she was at the Back in the Swing Jazzercise workout benefiting Cancer Action. Sweeney shared the following top 10 exercise and eating tips for Newsome Weight Loss Challenge participants.

1.  Find something you like to do. If you don't like it, you won't do it.

2.  Exercise with a buddy. You'll be more dedicated and accountable.

3.  It is a marathon, not a sprint. Go often and go at a pace that keeps you coming, not a pace that burns you out.

4.  Put it on your calendar or in your planner, like an appointment.

5.  Focus on the internal changes (health, wellness, cholesterol, blood pressure, energy and heart health). Those are the most important! 

6.  Make changes in small steps. Add exercise, and then after 30 days, add some healthy eating additions (add berries, almonds, fish, etc.). Thirty days later, add (or take away) one more thing (take away diet soda or fried foods). Do it one thing at a time. Small changes add up over time.

7.  Your program should include cardio fitness, strength training and some stretching to be well-rounded and effective.

8.  Use handheld weights. You will see noticeable improvement on the "outside" as well as stronger muscles and bones.

9. Express to your family how important this time is to you and how much better you feel. Then, they will be your best support. Conversely, if you complain about your workout they will support you in not doing it.

10. Celebrate your success and don't always make that about the scale! Celebrate the fact you did it!

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