Finding strength: working out with fellow breast cancer survivor

RAYTOWN, Mo. - I was thrilled when I received an invitation from Lonnie Bush to come and workout with her.  She has her own fitness center called the Lonnie Bush Fitness Center in Raytown, Mo. 

I discovered that she's physically fit, inspiring and a former breast cancer survivor who gives back to help other cancer patients.  In my book, it was a workout with a deeper meaning.

When the music started, Lonnie was in her element barking out instructions and counts from the front of the room to about 30 people in the class. She called it the Total Body Workout.

"I've always loved to exercise," Bush said.  "Even when I was going through breast cancer I still exercised."

"I believe exercise makes you feel better and keeps you motivated and improves your health," she said.

The workout was a challenge for me.  It's fast-paced and focused on strengthening abdominal muscles. I admit I had to modify some of the moves and stop early because I didn't have the stamina. 

If you are serious about getting in shape and being inspired while you do it, I would highly recommend the Total Body Workout at Lonnie Bush Fitness Center. 

One of the unique things about her fitness center is that she has dedicated one corner of the gym to be a mini boutique for cancer patients. 

"I give wigs and scarves and bandanas to cancer patients because they need to know that someone supports them and is helping them," she said. 

Bush said it makes her feel good to give to others in need.  Thanks Lonnie for a great workout and a new friendship. 

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