Food Network chef Aaron McCargo visits Kansas City dialysis patients

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Food Network star Chef Aaron McCargo Jr. was in Kansas City Friday, visiting patients at the Fresenius Medical Care Kansas City Dialysis and Transplant Center and offering healthy food options.

"I don't have diabetes, but one of my relatives does, so I know the struggles diabetics have to eat healthy," McCargo said.

Chef McCargo has re-designed his recipes to create kidney friendly cuisine.

"Not having the salt, not having the fats, not having some of the things that will add to your waistline isn't bad, because at the end of the day it's about having that flavor and still being healthy," McCargo explained.

"I'm now using more spices to make healthy recipes like fresh herbs, a little bit of lemon line zest and different oils and vinegars," he added.

McCargo encouraged dialysis patients that they can still enjoy food, and diets don't have to be boring to be healthy.

"You don't have to deprive yourself of big bold flavors," he concluded.

Chef McCargo's healthy recipes are available free of charge by visiting .

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