Olathe YMCA offers water therapy course

OLATHE, Kan. - With the hot weather we've had lately, it was a relief to be invited to the Olathe YMCA for a water fitness class. It was nice to put on a swimsuit for the first time since becoming a breast cancer survivor.

Rita Hartsook invited me to join her in the class. Rita is also a breast cancer survivor and has been following stories about my experiences battling breast cancer.

They took me through a series of leg lifts, abdominal crunches and kicking exercises. Even though you weigh less in the water and the exercises seemed easier to do; I could still feel that I was getting an excellent workout!

Thanks so much to Rita, my new friend for the invitation.

To hear the instructor, Juanita, explain the benefits of water therapy click the play button. You cans also visit the Olathe YMCA for more information about their water therapy and other group classes.

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