Personal trainer offers weight-loss tips

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kimberly Mills is a personal trainer who knows from personal experience how to lose weight.

She shared her story of losing 60 pounds and finding her new career as a personal trainer when she was a guest on 41 Action News Midday on Wednesday.

"My weight-loss journey started in 2010 and through healthy eating and weight-lifting, I lost the weight," she explained.

Mills is a personal trainer with iRise Performance in Lenexa, Kan.

She is 51-years-old and loves helping women over 40 find weight-loss success.

Mills has gone on to compete in power-lifting competitions earning some state records.

"I want women to know that weight lifting is not just good to tone the muscles and lose weight; it's also good for bone health and preventing osteoporosis," Mills said.

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