SkyRobics instructors offer their top 3 fitness tips

SHAWNEE, Kan. - Haley Bray is in her fourth year of the six-year medical program at the University Of Missouri- Kansas City School of Medicine. She is 21 years old and has been involved with SkyRobics for about five years.

Here are Haley's top three fitness tips:

1. Exercise is the best form of stress relief. No matter what happens in a day, what goals must be met by the end of the week or how hard it is to begin exercising each day, my workout is what changes all of that. Whether it is stress or just a negative mood, I have found that the best relief for me has always been exercise. This is especially useful when the workout is as exciting as jumping on trampolines for an hour!

2. Maintain a strong belief in long-term success. For me, this includes both life goals and spiritual beliefs. Having a solid foundation of what you want to achieve and values you want to uphold makes each small challenge and success seem like a simple stepping stone toward that goal. Never forget what you're working to achieve.

3. Lastly, it always helps to have a strong support system. Rely on family and friends who love you. They are there to help you maintain your goals and provide continuous support.

Ryan Eckert is also a SkyRobics Instructor at Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park and a medical student at UMKC. He encourages people to adopt a healthy lifestyle of exercise and healthy eating for the following three reasons.

Studies have shown that regular exercise promotes:

- Good mood

- Sound sleep

- Increased daytime energy levels

Ryan said exercise should be fun and sociable. He recommends people get a friend to exercise with them and be an accountability partner.

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