Lenexa woman who shed 130 pounds offers top three weight-loss tips

LENEXA, Kan. - A Lenexa, Kan., woman lost 130 pounds more than two years ago. Andrea Black is a wife, mother of two and had a full-time job while trying to lose the weight. Two years after losing 130 pounds, and maintaining the weight-loss, she is sharing her tips for successfully shedding excess pounds.

1.  Work out first thing in the morning -- Nothing can get in your way.

2.  Don't deprive yourself. Set aside extra calories for a special treat each week -- something you are really craving.

3.  Lose it the way you intend to live it. This is about a lifestyle change, not a diet. Make changes that are permanent, something you can maintain for the rest of your life.

Black was part of a team of people who lost in excess of 100 pounds each. They did a 200-mile relay race and called themselves "From Fat to Finish Line."

Andrea explained that she struggled for three years to lose the 130 pounds. At times she would lose 40 then gain 20, but she did not give up. She explained that she started eating more vegetables and less sweets, but she did not give up sweets entirely. Andrea said she would increase her exercise routine so she could burn more calories and afford to eat smaller portions of sweet treats she enjoyed so much. She also followed the Weight Watchers meal plan. Now she continues running on her own and exercising at Kosama in Lenexa.

To see a movie about Andrea's relay team, visit http://fromfattofinishline.com/

She also recommends a blog called  Runs For Cookies: http://www.runsforcookies.com/2012/06/andreas-story.html.

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