10 Signs you're not getting enough sleep

Youbeauty.com posted a list of warning signs that you might need to take a nap ASAP.
With life going at bustling pace, it's easy to wish there were more hours in the day. 
But of those hours - atleast seven to eight, should be centered around the comforts of a pillow.

1. You fall asleep immediately.  Some might say this is a good thing. But according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, it's quite the opposite. If you begin snoring, within five minutes of lying down, you probably have severe sleeplessness.

2. You’re more impulsive than usual. Did you go to the food round-table at work, grabbing almost anything within hands-reach - when you didn't want it? Have you bought a pair of shoes you probably didn't want or need? According to experts - blame sleep. 

3. You’re relying on clichés. According to youbeauty.com - If you find yourself throwing around phrases like, “Beggars can’t be choosers” and “Better safe than sorry,” and you’re not currently in retirement, it may be time to take a nap. “The frontal lobe is associated with speech, constructive thinking and novel thinking/creativity and is greatly impacted by sleep deprivation,” Sleep expert Shelby Freedman Harris notes. “Sleep deprived people find it difficult to have spontaneous complicated speech, leading to more slurring, use of clichéd phrases, stuttering and monotone speech.”

4. You’re forgetful. You had a doctor's appointment and completely forgot - after getting that friendly, reminder call from the office. Or you were going to ask your boss a question, but when it came time to ask - you blanked. Don't blame age, blame sleep deprivation. "Without proper rest, it's hard to form memories," Harris said.  "It's harder to put emotional memories into context, and thus, it is more difficult to act rationally and thoughtfully."

5. You’re hungrier than usual. You've already devoured a huge salad with all the fixing’s and followed it up with a huge slice of chocolate cake a la mode. You don't understand why your pit of your stomach, seems to be bottomless. Bottom-line -  Leptin and Ghrelin. No. Those are toppings to put atop your ice cream. They are actually two key hormones in our bodies.  Harris says Leptin tells us to pump the brakes and that we are full. Ghrelin, on the other hand, tells us we should eat. When there isn't enough sleep in the mix, Leptin drops and ghrelin is heightened. In other words, when we should be pumping the breaks with the food we're in taking, we are pressing the accelerator.  

6. You’ve read this sentence twice. Concentration or the lack thereof  is a dead-on sign you aren't sleeping enough. When you can't focus, you have a hard time making important decisions. Example, avoiding a driver who just darted in front of you on I-29.

7. You’re clumsy. Yes, clumsy people are cute. Jennifer Lawrence falling not once, but twice during last year's and this year's Oscar awards. But if you're constantly doing the "JL" and your motor skills are off, you might want to shut "off" your "on" switch.

8. You’re fighting with your partner. Yes, your partner may have told you something that really hit your nerve. You may be tired - or both. According to a 2013 U.C. Berkeley study - couples have more heated disagreements because the lack of shut-eye. Take a chill-pill, close your eyes and talk when you both are well-rested.

9. You’re zoning out. I wonder if I left the iron on. What should I cook tonight? Does my shirt match my shoes? Whoa! I'm on the expressway. Focus. Focus! If you've missed your exit because you are wondering about everything but the moment - guess what? Yep, you've guessed it right. No sleep.

10. You conk out at the movies or during a daytime flight. If everyone dimly lit or dark environment puts you to sleep - and it's one in the afternoon, that's a sleepless trademark. You should be on full-throttle during the day. Not the opposite.

How many hours of sleep should you get ? According to the Mayo Clinic - a lot.

Adults: 7-8 hours

School-Age Children: 9-11 hours

Toddlers: 9-10 hours at night, plus 2-3 hour naps

Infants: 9-10 hours at night, plus 3 or more hours of naps







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