Consumer Reports ranks the top nail polishes

A beautiful manicure is a great finishing touch to your look. But it loses its glamor when it starts to chip.

Consumer Reports tested seven nail polishes, including several that claim to last a long time.
All were applied with a base and top coat if the brand had one. Ten panelists tried the disguised polishes at home, while 10 panelists received a series of professional manicures, with different polishes on alternating nails. Those were checked at seven, 10 and 14 days. 
This Chanel polish is the most expensive tested — $27 for the color — plus another $52 dollars for the base and top coat. But it chipped so quickly, most of the home panelists removed it early.
Which are the hands-down favorites? Surprisingly, a  $2 polish available at Walgreens — Sinful Colors — came out on top. And the base and top coat together are just $8. The polish still looked good after seven days, but it took slightly longer to dry than others. 
Another winning polish — $10 CND Vinylux Weekly Polish lived up to its name, still looking good after a week. It doesn't need a base coat, and the top coat is $10.
Also a favorite, the $6 Revlon polish promises to last 11 days, and still looked okay when checked on day 10.
"It went on really smooth, and they looked really nice, and I felt like I had a real manicure," said Jennifer Frost.
Base and top coat: $13.
So to keep your nails looking their best, pick a polish that lasts.


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