Coral reef exhibit opens at SEA LIFE Aquarium

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A brand new exhibit is opening at SEA LIFE Aquarium inside Crown Center.

The focus is on coral reef, which the aquarium will showcase in both a daytime and nighttime ocean life tank.

On Thursday, a group of Kansas City kids between ages 8-13, who are part of the Young Environmentalists group, put the final touches on the exhibit. The exhibit seeks to raise awareness about the declining coral reefs in the ocean.

The coral reef inside the exhibit is supplied by a company that farms coral reef in California, that way aquariums across the United States can display the reefs without destroying the world's precious habitat of coral reef.

SEA LIFE Kansas City Aquarium has been a big attraction for Kansas City kids during their spring break recess. Aquarium staff estimates it takes families about two hours to journey around the fresh and salt water tanks and learn about the Missouri River, the mighty Mississippi River, the Caribbean Sea, and the deep dark abyss of the Atlantic Ocean.

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