Local cyclists inject Halloween fun into their weekly ride

They stop to spread cheer along the way

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - Ron Johnson knew it was the thing to do. 

He's been leading the weekly Wednesday ride for the KC Metro Bike Club for the last six years. This year, with the ride coinciding for the first time with Halloween, Johnson knew the cycling group needed to wear costumes.

"With the devastation of (superstorm) Sandy, and with the hatred and anguish caused by the elections, it's nice to just take a moment and smile," Johnson said, "and pass that smile on."

Johnson's group of seven cyclists passed along many smiles on their 30-mile tour through southern Johnson County, Kan. Some dressed like "Wizard of Oz" characters, while one man donned a Jimmy Carter mask. 

They stopped at two senior living centers to greet residents, and later visited pre-schoolers.

Much to their relief, the group's costumes stayed intact through the many hours of pedaling.

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