Dinosaur Alive! Worlds of Fun to add a Jurassic park for 2013

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Worlds of Fun will have about 35 new inhabitants in 2013, all of them coming from the Jurassic period.

The Kansas City amusement park announced on Thursday the addition of Dinosaur Alive! to their lineup of attractions.

Alive! will include more than 35 life-size dinosaurs, including a giant animatronic Ruyangosaurus. At 40 feet tall and 72 feet long, it will be the largest animatronic dinosaur in the world.

The dinosaur park, which requires a separate $5 admission ticket, will take visitors along a 1,900-foot path in a two-acre forested setting. There will be six main scenes and seven unique themes.

"Dinosaurs Alive! brings science and technology together to entertain and also educate our guests", said World of Fun Vice President and General Manager Frank Wilburn. "With the lifelike sights, sounds, and movements of these animals, we can't wait for our guests to step back in time and study these prehistoric creatures up close."

Also included in the new attraction will be a paleontological dig site with fossils and a dinosaur-themed gift shop.

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