2 athletes - Kevin Durant & Teddy Bridgewater - make emotional gestures to moms before Mother's Day

On the eve of Mother's Day, many of us are taking a little extra time to say thank you to our mothers, be they biological, emotional or otherwise.

We've had our own emotional family reunion story this month as a Kansas City woman was reunited and introduced to her birth family after making a plea for information on Facebook . Unfortunately, Leanna Launer was not able to meet her mother as she had passed away a few years ago, but Launer was able to reconnect with her father and meet countless other family members .

This week, two athletes -- NBA superstar Kevin Durant and future NFL star Teddy Bridgewater -- made emotional gestures in thanking their mothers. Durant, who was voted the NBA's Most Valuable Player on Tuesday, gave an emotional speech to thank his teammates, the Oklahoma City Thunder fans, and his family. But the nation and basketball fans everywhere have recognized his thank you to his mother.

Durant broke down immediately after mentioning his mother, and rather than me trying to explain his speech, I suggest you watch below.

Earlier in the week, NFL draft hopeful Teddy Bridgewater fulfilled a years-long promise to his mother. The promise he made at nine years old to his mother, Rose Murphy, was to buy her a pink Cadillac Escalade with pink rims.

When Bridgewater was growing up, his mom fought and beat breast cancer. Her story, along with Bridgewater's rise to fame while playing high school football in Florida and college football at the University of Louisviile, caught the eye of filmmaker Spike Lee, who produced a documentary on their story titled "A #Promise2Rose." The short film culminates in Bridgewater's promise to his mother coming true. It's a very touching video.

Those two athlete tributes are pretty emotional to watch, but they don't compare to the ones we're all making to those women in our lives.

And I'd be remiss if I didn't say thank you to my mom back in Texas, who always worked hard to make sure we were on the right path in life. I love you, mom, and don't share too many stories about me with my girlfriend this weekend.

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